New Items and Enchantments

Pistol 250gp, 1D10 piercing damage, Range 30/90, loading
Musket 500gp, 1D12 piercing damage, Range 40/120, loading, two handed
Blunderbuss 250gp, 2D6 piercing damage, Range 20/60, loading, two handed
Bladed Long Bow 100 gp, 1d8 Piercing / 1d8 Slashing 3 1/2 lb. e.g. Ammunition (range 150/600), heavy, two-handed, special
(A long bow either with blades attached to the limbs or the limbs of the bow is composed of blades. Because of the blades, the bow is more suitable for close-quarter combat, without inhibiting its long-range capabilities. However, it requires more time, skill, and materials to create, making it more expensive and harder to find. Even though other races have created this weapon, places where elves live or once lived in show higher chances of having these weapons on the market, in treasure hoards, on the enemies of elves, and on elfish royal guards.
When there is an enemy with 5 ft. of you, you can attack with one of the bow’s blades, dealing 1d8 slashing damage. You can use your STR modifier or DEX modifier as though the weapon had the finesse property.)

Item Qualities:

Dwarven Crafted
Double the weight of a normal item, but has four times the HP. Cost 1.5x base value.

Elven Crafted
half the weight of a normal item. Cost 2x base value.

Drow Crafted
Imbued with the magic native to the underdark, and created to never see the light of day. Drowcraft items lose their magic if exposed to direct sunlight for more than 1 hour straight. Items that have charges fall apart completely.

Hobgoblin Crafted
Item property has double the normal amount of HP. Cost 1.3x base value.

Devil Crafted
Requires humanoid blood in item creation. Four times the weight of a normal item, unbreakable except by magic or adamantine items.

Lyrium Dust, can be used as material components for anything, 1 lbs is equal to 50gp value of component available. Snorting lyrium dust may restore spell points, but is known to cause addictive side effects, and possibly death.

Lyrium bars: bar worth 20,000gp

Lyrium made items: 1,2, or +3 bonus magical worked into the item, permanently enchanted, works in anti magic fields. Pay costs of lyrium bars, + the smiths time + base item value, cost subject to seller.

Mage Touched: permanency spells cast upon magic weapon/armor spells. 1,2,+3, 10,000g per mage touched level.

Coin of Silence
A common copper coin that is sold in a small lead lined box radiates a permanent silence spell 15" around the coin. The coin can be dispelled. Normal market price 12,000gp

Translator’s Ring: This ring grants the wearer the ability to understand two specific languages in addition to those she already knows. If the character wearing the ring is literate, she also gains literacy in the new languages as long as she wears the ring. Common Rarity. Looks like a ring with the alphabet of all language scripts on it.

Headband of the Stout Heart: This simple leather headband is studded with small iron rivets. It grants its wearer a +1 bonus on all Wisdom saves. Common Rarity.

Lifting Belt: This heavy leather kidney belt features brass studs and large buckles on both sides. Anyone wearing it gains a +1 enhancement bonus to Strength for the purpose of determining his carrying capacity. The belt does not alter the wearer’s actual Strength score, nor does it change his Str modifier in addition it cannot raise your STR above 20. This effect does not stack with that provided by any other bonus to Strength. Common Rarity.

Pearl of Power: White pearls usable by Divine casters, each pearl can be of a level between 1-9, once per day the pearl can be used to restore a spell slot of the equivalent level to the divine caster. The pearl recharges daily at dawn.

Mirror Shield: A shield polished so highly it can act as a mirror, in addition it is enchanted with the ability for the wielder to use their reaction to reflect a magical ray like attack back at its point of origin. The mirror shield can be infused with mana crystal to create more powerful versions, 1,2,+3 versiosn of the shield are known to exist.

Common Permanent enchantments:

New Items and Enchantments

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